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Swan River Summer Floods

Swan River Summer Floods
February 13, 2017 Laura Pearse

Its been exciting at Upper Reach over the past few days.

In the early hours of Saturday 11 February the water that had flooded Northam started to arrive in the Swan Valley! The Swan River broke its banks and the water started to flood through the lower part of our vineyard.

The water kept rising, very rapidly at first, from 6am until about 3.30, after that the level continued to rise, but more slowly, peaking with high tide at 10.3pm.

Sunday morning thankfully saw the water starting to recede, it dropped about 5cms overnight, but there was still lots of water rushing through. This continued during Sunday and Monday, the river level has now dropped about a meter.

The water is still flowing downriver at a huge rate, but the volume is lessening.

We have had about a hectare of Shiraz vines go underwater, but all the Verdelho and Chardonnay has been safely picked and is being transformed in the winery as I write.

It looks like the Cabernet Sauvignon will be ok as well, it has the toughest skin and is still a few weeks away from picking, so ought to be fine.

The best thing you can do, is to keep drinking Upper Reach wine, sharing it with your friends and continue to support us through out the year!

So onwards and upwards!



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