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Christmas Pudding Trifle

Christmas Pudding Trifle
November 19, 2015 Laura Pearse

I’m starting to think about pudding for Christmas, I love a traditional plum pudding but other family members are not so keen; so I’ve created the Christmas Pud Trifle!

This is too easy and too yummy to wait for Christmas. I have to admit that I like to get the festivities going early, starting late November  but certainly by the beginning of December; mainly so as to spread out the delicious food.

I say mainly, but actually it’s all about the food & wine; I don’t mind decorating the tree, but can’t do it too early, otherwise I’d be sick of the sight of it by Christmas Day and I’m very conscious that though my children love to help putting decorations up, there is no way they’ll help me take them down!

Presents however I find easy, everyone gets wine (surprise) and I gave up Christmas Cards when I moved to Australia, I was good at writing them, but absolutely hopeless at the addressing.

Honestly this is so delicious, as I type I’m thinking I have to make this for the weekend; and it is so very, very easy.
Only takes 10-15 minutes.

I’m thinking of rolled roast pork with a glass of Tempranillo and then this Dessert….how great is the Christmas food!

3 oranges
2 tbsp Upper Reach Liqueur Muscat
small 300g Christmas Pud (I use our Ogilvie’s ones)
500g pot custard
250g marscarpone
284ml double cream

Peel oranges, slice as thinly as possible & lay out on a plate, sprinkle with sugar & liqueur Muscat.

Crumble the Christmas Pud into large pieces and scatter on the bottom of the bowl. Layer the oranges over the pudding & pour the juices over.

Beat the marscapone until smooth, stir in the custard & spoon the mixture on top of the oranges.

Whip the cream & spoon it over the custard.

Sprinkle with flaked almonds & grated chocolate

You can make this a day ahead (but it only needs a couple of hours to chill) and keep in fridge until ready to serve with a glass of Liqueur Muscat of course!


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